Encanto makes clothes for the eco-conscience woman that not only looks good but also doesn't harm the environment.


Our journey started after discovering that some of Europe's favourite clothing brands competing to deliver the latest styles as quickly as possible are some of the biggest polluters in the world. Tons of material not used during this "fast fashion" craze, ends up on landfills where they will stay for centuries polluting the environment before degrading.


We knew there had to be a more sustainable way.


We made it our mission to make clothes from fast fashion's leftover fabrics in Istanbul, Turkey. We select only natural fabrics like cotton and linen. 
We offer fashionable and durable clothes for modern women.

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We promote the idea of slow fashion and produce our garments with sustainability in mind.

All our materials are sourced from deadstock fabric rolls.


Esra Aydin

We believe you should know more about the clothing you wear. From design and manufacturing to sales and distribution, our collections and production are all done in house by two people passionate about sustainable fashion.

Esra is our head tailor and hails from Istanbul. We've been working with Esra since we started our brand. She is a close friend of our founder, Meerinsa Ganieva. 

Founder & Designer:


Kyrgyz born and Russian bred, Meerinsa Ganieva founded Encanto after moving to Istanbul. It's there, where she stumbled upon a huge untapped resource of surplus/deadstock fabrics.  She knew that this could be the answer to help make the world of fashion a more sustainable place.

Meerinsa started with a small batch collections that were not only sustainably sourced, but also produced under ethical work standards.

We hope this peek into the story of how our small production got off the ground, brings some personality to our garments. So the next time you buy a piece, you can feel comfortable in the knowledge that we care not only about looking good but also about making a positive impact on the environment. 


Esra Aydin

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Meerinsa Ganieva